Friday, October 23, 2009

Spelling Perspective

Not literally spelling the word "perspective." I'm just saying perspective can be influential when one is learning to spell... Sophia knows how to spell her name. Ask and she will (usually) dutifully respond, S-O-P-H-I-A. We've been working a lot on her letters lately because she really seems to enjoy making and connecting the sounds.

The other night, she and Erick were talking before bed about letters and spelling names. She asked how to spell her friend Ava's name, and he made the sounds and asked what letter it sounded like. She lit up and said "A! I will spell it!" Erick was understandably impressed with her confidence when she spelled, A---O-P-H-I-A.

Okay, well that's understandable. So she asked how to spell Daddy. Again, she answered with the correct first letter. "I can spell daddy! D-O-P-H-I-A!!"

So, clearly we have to work on a little perspective. Seems like Sophia tends to think the entire world has names that are all spelled the same with the first-letter exception...That would definitely be confusing.

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  1. That's awesome! It kind of goes back to toddlers really believing the world revolves around them, also... so that's funny. Changing her perspective on the world one letter at a time. We're working on letters, too. Jacqueline calls them all "a".